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***********************SANDY DOUGLASS HAS NEW CONTACT INFO**************
Last Name: Douglass / Genesse
First Name: Sandra
E-Mail: sagenesse@yahoo.com
Street: 9219 Belgrade Terrace
City: Englewood
ZIP: 34224
State: FL
Country: USA
Phone: 619-885-1921

**************************ANDY LOVESTED NEW CONTACT INFO****************

Last Name: Andrew
First Name: Lovsted
E-Mail: alovstedsr@gmail.com
Street: 45970 Corte Carmello
City: Temecula
ZIP: 92592
State: California
Country: United States
Phone: 619 972 3361

********************************DAN WILLIS UPDATED INFO************************

Last Name: Willis
First Name: Dan
E-Mail: willisde@gmail.com
Street: 233 Rogue River Hwy #10
City: Grants Pass
ZIP: 97527
State: OR
Country: US
Phone: 541-595-8000

*********************CAN YOU HELP WITH ALAN PETERSON CONTACT INFO?***********

I received this on January 18.  If you can help, please contact me or Jim Eppelin directly.  We need to update our information on this website too! 
From: Jim Eppelin <jimeppelin@hotmail.com>
Date: January 18, 2016 at 1:35:28 PM CST
To: <accord9@yahoo.com>
Subject: Alan Peterson

Hi,   I’m trying to reach Alan Peterson. His email nortonryder@earthlink.net doesn’t appear to work. Do you have any other contact info?   Thank you!   Jim



GREAT NEWS:  Dan Willis is back in the MONTE VISTA 1967 FAMILY!!!

Beverley Austen Tuck shares this email and picture from Dan:

Hi Beverley

... I was friends with Brian (lANGE) during high school and lost contact after 1967 as he went into the USAF and I got shipped off to Vietnam in the USN

In the past few years.  hmmm let's see...

In 1999 I moved from San Diego (Hillcrest Area) to the mountains in Southern Oregon and built a cement dome on top of a hill Ref http://www.dreamhillresearch.com/dome/domefromair1b.jpg

In 2001  I was asked to testify under oath in Washington DC as a witness regarding the extraterrestrial presence under the oceans due to my high level security clearance when I was in the USN  Ref www.thewebmatrix.net/disclosure

In 2009   I got married to my wife Rebecca on 09-09-09 Ref  http://dreamhillresearch.com/wedding/

In 2015   Living off-grid growing our own food with little to nothing for bills, enjoying nature and always learning more about this amazing world we live in

Hows that for a short run down in the 21st century?

Some of my friends from 1967 Class of Monte Vista are no longer with us, such as Bobby Forbes if you remember him.   He's the one that used to climb up the trees like a monkey

I would be interested in the 2017 reunion, (a good excuse to come back down to San Diego for a visit)  do you know what month that might occur in?

I am greatly looking forward to touching in with Brian, I lived with his family for a summer while my parents went on a vacation.   So many years have past

Thank you for your efforts Beverley!   Attached below is the photo of me in the Monte Vista Year Book of 67

Warm regards
Dan Willis

Dan included the photo above  from graduation day, 1967....Dan Willis with Brian Lange and Doug Rask.  Can you identify all four in order?  





July 29 at 10:21am · We finally made contact! Charlie and I go all the way back to kindergarten in Spring Valley. We met at Johnny B's Burgers in La Mesa last evening. We enjoyed catching up on doings over the past years. Even though we are OLD we did pretty well on names of past classmates and friends we both know. Not too bad of memory for past 65!

We would like to catch up with some other classmates from 1967 that might be living in town or if there are folks that intend to visit San Diego, just let one of us know. We plan to make a time next month to meet up with Dan Ungricht when he returns from some time in the mountains. — with Charlie Rosenberger

Of course, the MV CHICKS have been meeting for years and according to Noni Wentzel Mayer , the girls get together regularly. Contact Cher Johnson or Sally Lull to get info. Everyone would love to see you!

Bev Austin Tuck sends this update regarding MIKE HEALEY sent to her by his wife on May 6 to Bev's sister Anne:

Good morning Bev,

Here is the latest update from Mike's wife, Kathy.  I hope some of the local Monarchs will be able to see him soon.  (Best for them to call first!)  For those who can't, good thoughts and prayers for Mike and his family are needed!


>> Mike’s disease continues to progress.  I’m sure you remember how articulate he used to be, and quick witted.  Those who visited him last Fall will see a tremendous decline in him, as the disease seems to be moving very fast.  Mike is having trouble speaking now, and many times when he is trying to express himself I cannot understand what he is trying to tell me.  Things come out as word salad.  I used to be able to decipher it most of the time, but generally nowadays I have no idea what he is trying to convey.  On those occasions, I just listen, nod and tell him we can talk about it tomorrow, or I will be back soon and he can tell me about the issue then.  He is still very happy to see me, and visitors.
>> Mike is now having trouble remembering names and relationships.  Our granddaughter is “the little girl up north.”  The other day, we were walking back to his room and he started to take a wrong turn.  One of the caregivers stopped him, and said, “Mike, follow your wife.”  He looked bewildered and she pointed to me saying, “Mike, that’s your wife.”  He responded, “She is?”  I think Mike knows I love and care about him, but the meaning of the word wife is either unknown to him, or he just doesn’t make the connection as to what that means.  I would say to anyone who has been thinking about visiting him to do it now, as it may not be long before he doesn’t recognize us any more.
>> Mike is also moving much slower.  I try to get him up and about as much as possible, but he continues to slow his pace. He needs lots of help with directions, and gets lost easily.  Generally, he must follow me or whomever he is with to find his room despite having been there about 8-months now.  He is getting very good care, and the good news is he is much more calm and content now.  When we first started, he was very sad much of the time but now seems to have adjusted, which of course makes me happy.  I am grateful for their help and kind concern meeting all his needs.
>> If you decide to visit, please call Silverado first 
Charlie RosenbergerPosted by Michael ColomboJuly 29 at 10:21am · We finally made contact! Charlie and I go all the way back to kindergarten in Spring Valley. We met at Johnny B's Burgers in La Mesa last evening. We enjoyed catching up on doings over the past years. Even though we are OLD we did pretty well on names of past classmates and friends we both know. Not too bad of memory for past 65!

We would like to catch up with some other classmates from 1967 that might be living in town or if there are folks that intend to visit San Diego, just let one of us know. We plan to make a time next month to meet up with Dan Ungricht when he returns from some time in the mountains. — with Charlie Rosenberger(760) 753-1245, and they will advise you if Mike will be available.  Sometimes he has doctor appointments and such, so they can let you know if he will be there.  It’s best to go late morning before lunch is served or simply have lunch with him.  Please note he is having trouble recognizing which utensils to use to eat, and may need help selecting the right one.  Silverado Encinitas allows family/friends to visit and dine for no cost……..and the food is actually pretty good!  :)  I’m sure he’d like to see some of his old friends, just be sure to tell him your name and how you know him, so he doesn’t struggle with that or get embarrassed he doesn’t know.
>> Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we take this long journey.
>> Kathy Healey



A huge thank you to Beverley Austin Tuck and her sister Anne for forwarding this information about Mike Healey from his wife, a friend of Anne's.    If you can, please send Mike a card or drop by the
Silverado Encinitas, 335 Saxony Rd., Encinitas, CA  92024/Rm 215     Thanks so much, Kathy Healey, for this information! 


Hi Beverly—your sister Anne said I could send you information on Mike to share with fellow Monte Vista grads.

Not sure if you know, but Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 4-years ago.  As happens with this disease, he continued to have more and more challenges as time went on, especially with short term memory issues.  That said, he was doing pretty well until about a month ago.

Mike woke with horrible chest pain, and believed he was having a heart attack back on 6/27/14.  We hauled him to the hospital, where he was admitted overnight and they did a full cardiac workup.  They found a minor blockage to the heart, but nothing that couldn’t be treated medically and we were sent home the following day.  Sunday, Mike woke and could barely talk, was slurring his speech and was a mess………I thought he’d had a stroke and called medics, and we went back to the ER.  There the doctor told us it was not a stroke, but an unwitnessed seizure.  He advised that with Alzheimer’s, sometimes patients begin to have seizures as the disease progresses and the plaques/tangles grow.  Mike’s abilities across the board dropped off a cliff.  He was barely able to talk, move and needed assistance to eat/bath/dress.  The doctor said he would regain some ability, but that with each seizure he would lose ground.

We went home.  The following morning, I helped him shower and shave.  He did not wish to eat, and wanted to return to bed.  I got him there and a short time later Mike had a major seizure that went on for 25 minutes after I called 911, medics arrived and loaded him up back to the hospital.  He stopped en route, and afterwards was completely incoherent.  He was sweating profusely and spiking a fever.  The doctor said he had an infection and after many tests, they finally determined his gall bladder was infected.  He had surgery to have it removed, and it turned out to be so infected and full of gall stones that it was gangrenous.  The entry between the gall bladder and bile duct was so damaged, that he had to leave it open to heal and installed a drain from his stomach.  The drain continually filled with mass quantities of infected bile and the entry did not heal, so Mike had a second surgery where they discovered a gall stone blocking the bile duct.  It was removed and he remained in the hospital, all the while receiving mass quantities of antibiotics for E-coli and another serious bacterial infection.

On 7/14/14, Mike was transferred to a memory care facility where he remains today.  All this trauma to his body really impacted his Alzheimer’s.  He now needs help to shower/shave/eat, though he is slowly getting around better.  He started out in a wheel chair, but now is getting around pretty well in a walker.  He lost 34 lbs. going through all this (not that he couldn’t have stood to lose some but not quite this way!)  He is weak and eating little, but very slowly getting better.

I’m not sure if Mike will remain in the facility, or regain ground to the point where he could come home.  The jury is out on this at the moment.

Mike is at Silverado Encinitas, 335 Saxony Rd., Encinitas, CA  92024/Room 215, should anyone like to send a card or visit.  Visiting hours are flexible, but it’s a good idea to call first to make sure he’s there and not at a doctor’s appointment.  Silverado welcomes visitors during mealtime too (they eat lunch at noon) and do not charge extra for guests.

Please let his fellow grads know we could use their positive thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!

Kathy Healey


NEW EMAIL for RALPH (Pete) JURY: petejury@icloud.com     Thanks for updating us, Pete!  He says he is living a charmed life and all is well, which is great to hear!!!!

(THANKS to Karen Godley for this)

  I found the following on Facebook and thought I’d send it to you.  Maybe you could add it to the news on the MonteVista67 website.   Karen Godley

 " I believe my mom was class of 67'. Eva pilcher (Green) passed away March 19, 2014 in her home in spring valley. Her service will be April 12 @1 pm at 1st UMC of El Cajon 772 s. Johnson ave. All who knew her are welcomed
Thank you  
                                                              OLDER POSTS
***************ANN SANDORA UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 17, 2014***********************

Our final update!
By Kaitlyn Farr —    THANK YOU KAITLYN for all the UPDATES!

Every now and then you hear about a miracle. It's usually someone you know that knew somebody that it once happened to. Very rarely do you get to experience a miracle first hand.

At this very moment I am sitting at Annie's dinner table with my glass of wine and iPhone in hand...watching Annie surrounded by her family. Tina is whipping mashed potatoes, using Annie's 40 year old electric hand mixer I might add, what a beautiful shade of Avocado it is! Nick, her son is sitting on the floor next to Annie's feet throwing tiny plastic balls back and forth with Presley. Harry is hanging out listening to Annie rave about how good her roommates cooking is as Frank and Irma are preparing a beautiful dinner. As cruddy as Annie is feeling, contentment consumes her face. I know in this moment nothing could make her happier.

We have learned so much through this experience. We have learned life is truly a gift from God, it's in his hands. We have learned if we pray hard enough, he hears us. As Tina said tonight, "When people asked me how she has come so far, there are no words to tell them. It's nothing short of a miracle!"

Annie is doing great! She is adjusting to being home well. Her healing has really kicked up a notch since she's been here. Her spunk is back and she is trying her hardest to take a back seat and let others help her. Today she visited her primary care doctor who took her off Lasix and potassium. Although her counter is still filled with crazy amounts of prescriptions, 2 down is a great accomplishment in itself. She was so happy today when she told me the news. Her focus now is on resting at home, avoiding germs in public, eating, and doing her physical therapy. She is the most determined woman I know when it comes to recovery and getting her life back. She never fails to amaze me.

Since she has had someone staying  with her full time, we decided to hold off on the meal train and a visiting schedule. At this point we think Annie knows her limits on energy and can tell people when would be a good time to stop in for a visit. So if you would like to stop by and check on her feel free to call her. I know she loves hearing from friends and will be honest if she is feeling up to it or not. This next week Annie will be alone during the day, so mid morning, early afternoon visits would be great. Maybe if you plan on coming by you can see if there is anything she needs. Her apatite is minimal, but who knows, maybe she will feel up to a little something :) Again, Annie is very concerned with relapsing by coming in contact with all the nasty germs out there right now, so please air on the side of caution when making plans to see her. Her immune system is so compromised, her body does not need to do any more work than it already is doing.

It is with the most sincere of hearts that our family says THANK YOU for all of the support and prayers over the last month. We recognize that ALL of you were there in spirit fighting along with us. Annie felt your strength behind her and it gave her unbelievable fighting power! Your cards, flowers, comments on this website, and phone calls were so uplifting in a time of need. The meals warmed our bellies after long days and nights at the hospital. Those of you who have come to help Annie by getting groceries, vacuuming, doing laundry are all angels. Her spiritual friends who gave her pep talks and kept her mentally strong during this battle. Her "night watchman" who gave our family much needed rest at night and time to be with our families. Our dear friends and family who offered their shoulders for us to cry on and give us hugs and encouragement to press on. You all truly did more for us than you will ever know. We are forever grateful for each one of your strengths.

Thank you for staying by Annie's side during this journey. Our love goes out to all of you!

January 7, 2014-----Kaitlyn Farr Posted this on Caring Bridge and it is all good news!

Annie is finally home and doing well! We wanted to give her a few days to adjust before we started to overwhelm her with visitors, phone calls, ect. She is SO happy to be home in her own bed. She will continue to heal and gain strength back with physical therapy 2x a week.

Her homecoming was orchestrated by many family members, and we can't thank you enough! Harry and Nick brought her home Saturday, while Henry got together the medical supplies she needed at home. When the boys got home they made her comfortable as they set up rails near the toilet and a chair to help her get in and out of the shower. JoAnn and Kathy filled her fridge with groceries and a good friend spent the first night there with her to make sure all went well.

Last night a very sweet friend flew it at 9:30 pm to stay with Annie through Friday. What a blessing for all of us that so many people care about her and are able to be with her when we are not. Unfortunately I have not been able to visit her since her homecoming due to a cold and a sick baby :-(

Which brings me to visitors. With all the colds and stomach bugs going around we have to continue to be careful around Annie. We will be setting up a schedule sometime tomorrow or the next day (when Annie is ready) to let people sign up to visit her so we don't overwhelm her with multiple people a day. If you happen to feel a little sick or know you have been exposed to something recently, please make sure to visit when you know you are no longer contagious, just to keep Annie safe :) As far as the meal train goes, we think lunches would be great since she has roommates there through Thursday who can cook for her. This way you can also spend a little time with her when she has the energy. I should know her physical therapy schedule soon so I can set it all up for all her loving friends!

Annie has been reading all your posts little by little on her iPad and is speechless. All your words and thoughts and prayers have meant so much to her. When she speaks about it she tears up. She loves you all just as much as we all love her!

Thank you again for all your love and support through the last month! We were able to achieve this miracle together!


ANN SANDORA FARR  has been in the hospital since December 8 and really NEEDS OUR PRAYERS.

go to caringbridge.org and click on visit button, type in Annie Farr and you can read updates.  She seems better today but this has been a real roller coaster ride.

    Forwarded by Bev Austin

Hi Bev, Monte Vista Classmates, et al....

You may already know, this but it looks like Annie is going to make it thru this terrible ordeal!! I had the opportunity to visit her earlier today at the Kaiser Zion hospital in San Diego (12:00pm) and she just received a
RECOVERY diagnosis from her doctors!  She encouraged me to "spread the news"!!  She is slated to be at Kaiser for a time yet, and then be re-positioned to a recovery and rehab facility associated with Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa, CA.

Great News; and it looks to be a very Merry Christmas for her, her family and her loved ones!!

Best Regards and Happy Holidays to You and All!

John Miller,
Class of "67

UPDATE from Judy Potter:

Hi Sheila,  Just talked to Kaiser and Annie can have visitors (see below: Judy advises against it) and she is in rm.2105 at Kaiser on Zion Ave. in San Diego.  Will go this am. Let you know how she is.   Judy

UPDATE FROM THIS AFTERNOON (Dec 23, 2013);  Judy Potter went to visit Ann: 

Hi,  I just got back from seeing Annie and she is hoping all our prayers will help her-  she is very weak and appears to have lost a lot of weight- she says her tummy hurts very badly and that it is the amyladosis causing that pain-  Her boyfriend Harry was there with her daughter Christina (taking good care of her in her room).  She is talking and seems to be clear headed-just in a lot of pain.  The Drs. are talking about sending her to a rehab(Grossmont). I told her if she doesn't think she is ready she should tell them-(they tried to send me home too soon and I was back in the hosp. the same night with fever and shock)  (She has a much worse infection than I did and has been there about the same stay I had at Sharp Memorial).  I will let you know if anything changes -she is really not up to visits-pray that the Drs. will do the right things for her to improve  quickly-she has been in now 2 weeks and a day.  Her spirit is strong and she wants to get back on her feet.    Judy

Earlier today---- Janice Shoolbread in an email to Judy Potter:

Hi Judy
I tried to call you today but your line was always busy!  I didn't  find out until Annie's son Nick called me today and said that Ann has been in the hospital (Kaiser - ZION) for two weeks tomorrow.  She was on life support for over a week.  Her son nick told me I could get on this web site
Caringbridge.org  then click on the VISIT SITE, then type in Annie Farr in the name section.  I don't think she can have any visitors accept family members right now.
And I don't know how to get this info onto the Montevista site.
On the above web site, it tells the story of what happened to Annie.
If you get this message could you let me know.  I'm so prehistoric with this computer stuff.
Kaiser Hospital  on Zion Rd.   Main # 619-528-5000 As of right now she is in a down graded room from ICU  #3214, but I don't know for how long.
Hope you will be able to share the news.  All the prayers can only help Annie.
Thanks Judy
Love Janice Shoolbread  

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED (from caringbridge.org)

On Sunday morning December 8th, our dear sweet Annie was admitted into the ICU. Because Annie is loved by SO many, we felt it was best as a family to create a place that her beloved friends could visit as often as they like for updates. We will post her daily goals, and at 10am every morning we can pray as a village that God will help us achieve each goal one step at a time. Please leave comments for Annie and family here. We will read her your comments daily.

How she got here:
On Saturday morning Annie was her chipper self. She spent the day watching her youngest grandchild Presley, and had plans to deal Black Jack at a casino party (which she often does). That evening at around 11pm or so, she emailed Harry (her boyfriend) that she was home, and all about that nights events. Her and Harry have a standing Sunday morning breakfast date, so when Harry called the next morning to touch base and Annie did not answer any of her phones, he knew something was wrong. He rushed over to her home to find her laying in bed with what looked to be a broken nose. After walking in the house it was clear that she had fallen and managed to get herself back into bed.

With the assistance of her son Nick, the two decided it best to call 911. She was transported to Kaiser where she currently is receiving great care. Her current state:At this time she has been diagnosed with Strep Pneumonia. Because Annie also suffers from Amyloidosis, she is immune compromised and is having one hell of a time fighting it off. She has been intubated and put on heavy antibiotics. Her struggles right now include her very low blood pressure and her kidneys struggling to function. She is in critical condition, and the doctors have told us we have a long road ahead.Annie has the will to live, she is mentally there fighting this battle. We ask for your prayers to help give her body the strength it needs to fight, and fight HARD!

Because she is in the ICU, her family can not have outside visitors other than immediate family. She needs all the rest she can get. To alleviate some of the stress the family feels of returning texts, emails, and calls; please let us dedicate our time and energy to healing Annie. We ask that you use this website to get all of your updates***We love you all, and Annie appreciates all the outpouring support you have given her and her family during this very trying time.                                                        





"  Hi Sheila.... Got a call early this morning from Judy Potter Sharnow.  Some very bad news.  Janis McGuffin Merriman passed away this Wednesday the 18th.  I knew she had gone into the hospital for some tests pertaining to her heart, but all seemed well and they were going to adjust some things with just medication and sent her home last week.  According to Judy, she just died in her sleep.   I was in shock with this news.  Janis, Jan Shoolbread and I used to walk to Jr High together every day.  I feel so sad.  Judy wanted me to get in touch with you so you could put it on the website.  She and Roy lived in Oregon and when Judy called they were actually already in Oregon and were going to see Janis on Saturday.  Her kids didn't even make it in time to see their mom.  I believe both daughters live in Texas and her son is either in Oregon or Washington.   I don't know much more than that.  I know her brother Rick also died at an even earlier age with heart problems as well.   Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  So sad....."     

This Obituary was sent to me by Janis'  Sister-in-law, Linda McGuffin,  widow of Jan's brother, Rick:

Jan Merriman  OBITUARY

Baker City, 1949-2013

Jan Merriman, 64, of Baker City, died Sept. 18 2013, at her home. 

There will be a Celebration of Life service at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Baker City Christian Church, 675 Highway 7. Pastor Randy McElveen of Calvary Baptist Church at Milton, Fla., will officiate. Friends are invited to join the family for a reception at the Baker City Christian Church Fellowship Hall after the service.

Janis Lynn Merriman was born on Sept. 1, 1949, to Richard Lee and Helen Cecilia (Janis) McGuffin at Alameda, Calif. She was raised at San Diego and graduated from Monte Vista High School. 

Jan married Roy Allen Merriman on May 25, 1967, at San Diego. They moved to Baker City in 1991.  She was assistant director for the Baker City YMCA for 20 years.

Jan enjoyed gardening, riding motorcycles with her husband and serving Jesus Christ. She was a member of Blue Mountain Baptist Church.

Survivors include her husband, Roy Merriman of Baker City; daughters, Nicole Adamson, and her husband, Jason, Dawnyel Dishman and her husband, James, all of Denton, Texas; son, Joel Merriman, and his wife, Lisa, of Canby; sister, Wendy Gentry of Spring Valley, Calif.; and grandchildren, Brennen Merriman, Dru Dishman, Zoe Dishman and Ford Adamson.

She was preceded in death by her parents; and brother, Richard McGuffin.

Memorial contributions may be made to Vapor Sports Ministries through Blue Mountain Baptist Church, 2145 21st St., Baker City, OR 97814.

Submitted to our website by:
Linda M. McGuffin

(Linda also has many pictures she is willing to share if someone in the San Diego area can scan them for her and email them to me.  Sheila)
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HEY MONARCHS ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are on FB, please let us know so we can share your online name here.  Judy Gardner James would like all of us who want to be FB friends to let us know.

If someone wants to start a FB page for our class, let me know and I will announce it here.Thanks,



HAPPY  25th ANNIVERSARY to BEV and ROY TUCK!    I tried to upload their celebration pictures here but was unable to do so.  Hope it is another 25 great years to two wonderful Monarchs!


JUDY GARDNER JAMES:  omajames2@gamil.com

DENNIS OLIVER:    blacktalonracing@yahoo.com

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If you've used the inquiry section of this website to update your email address, please resubmit or better yet, email me at accord9@yahoo.com  so I can update.  Sorry for any oversight.    Sheila Gott

CHARLIE ROSENBERGER WANTS UPDATES on YOU!!!    He's right.  We need to update our page!    Charlie says he is still working and looking toward retirement in the future.


Todd Seiler, left, with Les and Art    SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO ON TODD...

Newest Update from Todd JUNE 7, 2013:

"Todd Seiler ToSheila Allen  Hi Sheila,

All is going well. I have had 25 radiation sessions and 8 more to go. I should be done on 6/20. I have a "sunburn" on my chest and back. I continue with my chemo every 3 weeks, (last one last Wednesday,6/5) and I take a daily chemo pill for the next 5 to 10 years. Al I can do is keep a positive attitude, keep the jokes flowing, and enjoy life with friends and family.


I continue to work shortened hours because of the radiation. Just don't know when to retire. I still plan to walk away in late September or October, but I don't know!!!


Di and I are planning to down to Texas on or about 7/25, depending on my reactions t all the drugs and appointments. We would like to visit with you and Jim either on our way down or on our return. I suspect we will be there only a week as I have following appointments right after. We my drive to San Antonio one way or the other to have some BBQ that was on Triple D on the DirecTV.


Let me know if you are available the last week of July!!!


Your old friends,

Todd and Di


Here is the great email I got from Todd thanking ALL OF US, not just Jim and me, for the delicious Texas Pecan gift package I sent him from Royalty Pecans in Caldwell, Texas;  Todd also updates us on the outcome of his surgery:  MORE CHEMO is needed.  Please Read:

Hi Sheila and Jim...

This afternoon, UPS delivered a package of pecans, a Pecan Apple Streudel and a Midnight Banana Pecan bread. The pecans are one of my favorite nuts...(not counting my closest friends) and thinking of something to munch on, this package arrived at a perfect time. Di told me you had asked about sending something and though appreciated, was not necessary. Your friendship is far more important and valuable than any gift!!! I opened the bag of precracked shells and devoured a handful of pecans!!! Then it was time to choose a "dessert" and the first volunteer was the streudel. Bear in mind there are 3 hungry mouths to satisfy... Knowing we are eating an early dinner, it was decided to have only one slice (EACH) of streudel, warmed with a fork. I suggested a second since the first went down so quickly.

Thank you and the Class of 67 for the heart warming gift that will be consumed forthwith!!!

We did have a chance to talk after surgery, and I was informed there is more cancer left behind. The surgeon did a modified mastectomy and I learned there were 21 lymph nodes removed and tested positive. However, the surgery was successful and more chemo is required. I will find out in the weeks and months to come what and how to proceed  as we travel the pathway of my life.

Thank you again and know that the love will continue as Di and I share our story with you and my life long friends.

Todd and Di

WE LOVE YOU TODD and DI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Todd's cell number is 303-913-7718 and you are welcome to call him.

Todd is the brother of our classmate Pam Seiler (see picture below in reunion pix) and has always been active in our class reunions.


ART GENESTA visits SWEET GRASS RANCH in Huntsville, Texas!

ART GENESTA visited Jim and Sheila (Gott) Allen at their ranch in Huntsville, TX;  he met their 14 rescue dogs and made a lovely video so  click on the youtube link below and don't stop after the still pictures...then the video part starts.  This is a production by ArtLand Video, Art's company. 


                                                                   MONARCH FOUND!!!!!

DENNIS OLIVER HAS FOUND US BY STUMBLING ON TO THE WEBSITE!   Reach him via    E-Mail: blacktalonracing@yahoo.com

                                                 WELCOME HOME, DENNIS and STAY IN TOUCH!



MONTE VISTA MONARCHS class of 1967 HOLD 45TH REUNION in Rancho San Deigo, Sept. 8, 2012

Thanks to Bev Austin Tuck for providing these pictures!  (Recurring problems with ENOM Central has caused downloading of picutres to take forever!  Stay tuned for more pictures as there are MANY!!!!)

BEV AUSTIN TUCK, Sandy and Darla Miller

Bev Austin Tuck, Darla Miller (class of '65)

Bev Austin,  Judy Potter & Sue Summerfruit

Cathy Smith & Karen Stone

The Guys

The Guys 2

Cathy Smith,  Karen Stone,  Noni Wentzel & Linda Sniffen Colombo 68'

Charley Rosenberger, Gray Ambrose, John Miller's son Brett Miller and  Mike Skerrit(NOT Danny Ungrich as originally listed.  IF YOU HAVE A PIC of DANNY, or anyone else we have missed in these pictures, please send it to me accord9@yahoo.com)

Chuck Reid & Jerry Shrin

Cris Tuck 65' & Bev Austin

Cris Tuck & Roy Tuck

Debbie Newak & Friend

Don Riggle & Shirley

Eric Vik,  Bill Provancha & Roy Tuck

MORE of The Guys...

Janet Wache,  Robin Lee & Sally Love

June Genesta,  Daniel,  Pam Seiler

Karen Haustein & Bob Godley '68

The Ladies of the Class of 1967!

LuJean Peters. Annie Sandora & Linda Tester

and still more of THE GUYS!

Pam Collins & Linda Tester Howard

Pam Seiler & Daniel

Roy and Bev Austin Tuck

Roy Tuck and Bill Provancha

Sandy Miller (r) and friend

Sandra Johnston

Shirley Hall Lujean Peters & Ammy Trausch

Our lovely LADIES of '67

Tim McCombs & Leif Nerheim & friend

Todd Seiler,  Vickie Gronnell, Les Pearson  & Art Genesta

Thank you to the person who did this poster.  I have listed the deceased members of our class as I have it now but will be happy to update as needed.  Seems sort of unreal in many ways to read this list.  If you want to elaborate on the cause of death, feel free to do so.


10. TONY HOFLE                   
19. KELLY WEITZEL    (casualty of Viet Nam war)     
22. JANIE HALL                
26. PATRICK YBARRANDO                     

29.    DAN GUNN  (Trucking Accident)

30.  GLEN TAKAHASHI   January 2009 (heart attack)

31.  DAN BLOCKER   February 2009  (cancer)

32.  DUANE BENSON  January 2012  (murdered along with his wife in Godley, Texas)

33. JAY TROTTIER      December 2011  (cancer)

34.  JANIS  McGUFFIN     September 18, 2013  (Heart attack)


                                                       CHRIS BAER                                      cbaer@cruzio.com

If you have a correction or update, please let me know!

Sad news in Monte Vista-Land 

Tauri (Victoria) Inness-Brown, class of 1966,  has passed away after a short battle with cancer (Thank you Skip Todd and Art Genesta for this update)  Many of us in the class of '67 remember her well and are saddened by this news.

Victoria Inness-Brown was graduated from the University of California, San Diego with bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics. For over thirty years she  worked as an award-winning technical writer for numerous high-tech companies. She is the author of Are Your Diet Sodas Killing You? Results from My Aspartame Experiment  available at Amazon.com     It is a very interesting study prompted by her family's addiction to diet sode!  She did her own study of the effects of aspartame on rats and documented it, leading to her reputation as a leader in exposing this type of additive!

Victoria Inness-Brown



Monte Vista High School 45th Reunion

Sept 8, 2012 - 3pm-9pm
Hooley's Irish Pub (patio area)
Rancho San Diego

$15 per person or $20 per person at the door.
Appetizers will be provided...Everyone on their own for drinks.

Please make checks payable to "Monte Vista Reunion" and mail to

Annie Farr
3702 Avenida Johanna
La Mesa CA 91941

PLEASE RSVP by July 31st to bevs50@cox.net or jescharnow@att.net

It is important that we know how many people will be attending!

Thank you,
Reunion Committee

NOTE FROM WEBMASTER:  please email all pictures of this event to Sheila at accord9@yahoo.com  and I will post them as quickly as possible!


MONTE VISTA CLASS OF 1967 CLASSMATE FOUND SLAIN in GODLEY, TEXAS  (As of the end of June, there are a few leads according to Duane's sister but nothing to announce yet)


Our dear friend and classmate, DUANE BENSON, along with his wife Breanda, was found in his home in rural Texas near Ft. Worth on February 2, 2012.  To date, there are no suspects but it is believed to be murder, not murder-suicide.  As I find out things, I will post them here.  Does anyone in San Diego or Spring Valley have any details?  IF SO please let me know or email Ann Sandora or Bev & Roy  Tuck.   Here are the emails I received about this tragedy:

1.  From TODD SEILER CLASS OF 1966 who emailed Ann Sandora, Bev Austin and me this past week.  I happened to be in Grapevine, TX at my daughter's home which is pretty near Godley so it was on the local news there but the victims weren't immediately identified. 

"Hi Anne, Sheila, and Bev,
After sending Anne an email Saturday morning, I received a text from Debbie (Thatcher, class of 66) Craig, who informed me Duane Benson and his wife were murdered in Texas. I was not prepared for the message!!! I initially was going to forward the text, but realized I don't have a number for you. I don't know if you remember Duane (class of 67), but he was in the band and he played tuba and I thought trombone. I have had no contact with him since graduation, and I don't know if he attended any of your reunions. 

 Do you remember his older brother, Dave, or Nancy (Hollis) who graduated in 66??? I know them but like Duane, have not been in contact with with either. Anyway, Dave and Nancy married and it was Nancy's mother who passed the news to Debbie, who in turn, passed it to me. Since I have tried to contact so many, and Duane was a band member, she forwarded the news to me. I am now doing the same...passing the news flash to you all. 

 This is the only information I have and I do not know if it is verified by the local law enforcement, but apparently Duane and his wife were murdered in their bed, in Godley, Texas...there are no known suspects, they are to be cremated and moved to San Diego for internment. Duane and Dave's parents are still living. I do not know if there are any children.

 I thought you ought to know...I will pass on further information, if sent to me. 
In the meantime, I wish you the very best!!!


2.  and this email from RON FAGAN, a former co-worker of Duane's who found me via this website:

"Ms. Allen,


I do not know if you have been informed or not, but Duane Benson was found dead on February 2nd.


 He was found with his wife after a welfare check at his residence. I thought you might want to update your records so you do not look for him in vain for any future events.

 I worked with Duane for a couple of years at Lear. He was my manager at the time.

 Ron Fagan
Systems Analyst - 1st Shift
Arlington, TX " 

and a subsequent email from RON FAGAN with the news update:


Here is the latest from the local paper:


 Looks like it will be a long process to determine what happened. The medical examiner places the death on January 29th. They were discovered 4 days later.

 Ron Fagan
Systems Analyst - 1st Shift
Arlington, TX"   

Those of us who knew Duane from the band, he was just a great guy.  If you would like to share your memories here, please feel free to email me at accord9@yahoo.com  and also send any updates you might have.  Thanks, Sheila



Roy Tuck, left, and Jay Trottier at the last reunion   SEE URGENT UPDATE BELOW


Tim McCombs, the back of Charlie Rosenberger, Brent Finney and Leif  Nerheim reminisce about Jay at the service


This is from ART GENESTA who has generously taken it upon himself to video the services and make copies available FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who wants one.  His email address is:  artvid1@cox.net    Art is such a generous and positive person.  Thank you Art for getting us all through this with your great attitude and thank you for making the video!  SEE HIS REQUEST BELOW FOR PICTURES of JAY.  YOU CAN EMAIL THEM TO HIM.

 Art Says:   " Hiya folks…the Memorial was Gr8. I did see Brent, Tim, Charlie and Leif but I could not hang with them ‘cause I had so much stuff to shoot. The motorcade was Gr8 and the Military Honors were awesome. I got Gr8 footage. It’s all down loaded and ready for editing.  Do you guys have any pics of Jay that you could e-mail me?  They didn’t have any good ones at the church or the dinner.  It’s gonna be an awesome video.  I’ll send you a few pics that will also be in the video.  God Bless & talk atcha’s later - Art "

CHARLIE ROSENBERGER sent this report of the service to Bev Tuck: 

I attended the funeral service for Jay today.  Other Monarchs in attendance were Brent Finney, Tim McCombs, Leif Nerheim and Art Genesta, who video taped the service.  I was sorry not to see more Monarchs, but it was a weekday morning so it is understandable.  As I looked around the church it occurred to me that we had probably known Jay longer than anyone else at the service.  For me it was since the 4th grade and for at least Leif and Brent, probably since Kindergarten.  
Brent, Tim, Leif and I couldn't stay for the burial or the dinner due to other commitments, but our thoughts were with Jay and his family and a large family it was! He had 11 children.  I hope that I will see you and many of our former classmates at our next reunion. That is a much happier occasion for seeing friends.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help set it up.  I hope that Art will have some of the service available for viewing online in the near future for those of you that could not make it.
Charlie Rosenberger"  (I am using this without Charlie's permission but I don't think he'd care...)


UPDATE  NOVBEMBER 30, 2011:  Bev and Roy Tuck just called to report that our dear wonderful classmate JAY passed away yesterday, November 29th at 3:40pm.   He had told Roy he was just too tired to fight anymore so in a way, we must sigh and sigh of relief and know that he is no longer in pain and struggling so to breathe.  YOU WILL BE MISSED, JAY! 


There will be a Rosary Mass for Jay on Thursday night Dec. 8 at 8:00 pm at Our Lady of Grace Church. His funeral on Dec 9th, 9:00 am at Our Lady of Grace Church on Navajo and Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon 92021. The burial will be at the new Military Cemetry in Miramar at 11:00 am with a dinner to follow at the American Legion at 8118 University Ave, La Mesa.

Jay was a member of the Patriot Guard and will be escorted to the Cemetery by the guard which was among  his last requests.


Beverley adds this:  " In case some one wants to send cards to the family here is there address 

                                                 JAYS ADDRESS IS   3575 YBARRA RD SPRING VALLEY, CA 91978 "  





On Feb 21, 2011, at 9:37 PM, Angie Miranda <angmiranda@cox.net> wrote:

I hope you are well and happy.  How is Bev doing...I think about her and hope she is healing.   I lost touch when I retired in June, and just realized I need to update info since my old email is no longer valid.  You are wonderful to keep up the website!
Time is sure moving along.  Both my boys are married now.  Marty and his wife married in 2009 and are expecting a baby in June.  Van married in August and he and his wife live in San Francisco now.  He left Qualcomm to join a start up - SOCIALCAST.  We are enjoying travel and can't wait to be grandparents!!!
 Pam Takahashi's daughter, Chelsea, is getting married soon and we are excited for her.  Kathy and Alex's daughter, Emily, will be getting married at the end of the summer.  Our children are all starting their lives and families!  Life is Good and we are blessed! 
Keep in touch!  

Sad event to report:

This from Marlana Stedt via Beverley Tuck

My email has changed. it is barrymarlana@gmail.com.
Thanks for keeping in touch with all of us.  My older brother Thure Stedt (class of '66) died last month so it has been hard on the family.  I was out on the west coast several times this past year as he was quite sick for the entire year. 
I'm looking forward to 2012! 
Take care
Marlana (Stedt) Barry

Marlana, we are thinking of you and everyone, please make a note of her new email address.


Take a moment to contact LuJean Peters who also recently lost her brother.  Her email addres is flaus1228@cox.net



Alan Peterson sends us this:

"Sheila,    I was just sent your website link by my brother, Kirk. He is tracking down MV Swim Team Members for a possible get together this summer. I love the site and will prepare a little history and send it over in the next couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, I thought you might like what I've come across. I found a little booklet published by the Swim Team parents about the 1966 MV Swim Team. I've scanned it into a PDF file and attached a copy. If you would like individual page scans I can do that, as well. .JPGs are quite a bit bigger than PDF, but I can do whatever format you like.  Keep up the good work, and I'll check the website from time to time. From God's Country in the middle of the Ozarks,  Alan PetersonNot MY President - EVER!"

Alan sent a wonderful old 1966 Swim Team brochure with alot of pictures of you swimmers.  Unfortunately, it is pdf format and won't upload here.  If you'd like to see it, contact Alan at NortonRyder@earthlink.net.  He lives in the Ozarks so if you are ever up that way, contact him!  Alan also sent this..............


Cheryl's son passed away this week from Cystic Fibrosis.  Thank you to PAM TAKAHASHI for sending me the following email:                                       " Hi all,
 Cher isn't on this email because she has to say goodbye to her son on Sunday.  The biggest concern she has right now, past the obvious one, is that she can't afford a funeral.  The best gift of friendship we could give her, aside from love and prayers at this time, is a financial gift to help her give a proper memorial to her son, who would have been 26 this coming Tuesday. The window is small for this.  If you wish to donate, could you please mail me/duck mail me through LMSV schools a check BY THURSDAY?  She will need to make arrangements by Friday or before, so the sooner we have a gift for her, the better. My home address is 12805 Abra Drive San Diego 92128 (Patty So) 

Sharon Eldridge and I are spearheading this. We'll keep you posted of dates/times and other needs that will arise, ie. food for the family/memorial service. (Sharon and I are working on making sure there's food for Monday.)
Right now, the BIGGEST need is finances for a proper service and burial for her boy.

Patty So (619) 857-4105 Sharon Eldridge (619) 589-6945

From the WEBMASTER, SHEILA,   I got an information request filled out from this site last week from someone, who didn't identify themselves except by initials, wanting to know if any of us knew a DARLENE TILLER who went to Monte Vista, had an older brother and went to parties at Bud Roth's avacado ranch.  Bev Tuck, Ann Sandora and I have all tried to figure this one out but are stumped!  If you have any info about this, please email one of us.  Apparently Darlene died recently.

I have recently heard from Andy Lovsted and I need to post his pictures here.  Todd Seiler and his wonderful wife came through Texas and met us at our ranch in Huntsville for a great visit.  Todd has just come back from his 45th Monte Vista reunion and promises a full report along with pictures!  I will post them here. 

Jan Trauber Moore sent me a long email.  If you are a  dog lover (or NOT), keep her in your prayers.  She is living with two cocker spaniels who have terminal cancer.  As some of you know, my wonderful dog, Zoey, died in a freak accident in March so I know the heartache she will endure.

                                 VALLEY BLOGGER

TIM MCCOMBS BLOGS  at  www.timmcsurf.blogspot.com 

Got this from TIM MC COMBS....I went to his blog and you will have MANY memories jogged by what he has written!  You will also see other classmates'names in the blog so check it out!

"Hi Sheila,

My daughter started me writing a blog about growing up in Spring Valley and becoming a "Valley Surfer" in the 1960's.  Our classmates might find it enjoyable.  It is posted at:www.timmcsurf.blogspot.com   ---Tim "


RECENT MONARCH NEWS:    UPDATED JUNE 14, 2009   Bev Austin has spent hours tracking down Monarchs from our class and here are some of her most recent finds! :

Judy Gardner sends this (see her bio on page 3 of this website) "I finally have a picture. My husband and I participated in a mini-triathlon as part of the Fire Department team."   She promises to send a picture WITHOUT sunglasses soon!  thanks, Judy 

THANK YOU  BEV AUSTIN TUCK for sending us this regarding DOUG and JOANNA RASK:  (PLEASE READ BIO BELOW....DOUG IS A ROCKET SCIENTIST...FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Amazing life story after leaving Monte Vista)

Rask Family PhotosTwo photos from Tim's graduation,One shows profiles of father and son, Tim is our second oldest sonOne shows all of us that attended the graduation ceremonyFeb 8, 2009 shows our son Michael, his wife and family with the rest of our family that still live at home, missing 2 sons.Doug and Joanna at Tim's wedding Dec, 2006.   We have 8 kids, seven sons and 1 daughter, Michael is married with 2 sons and a third child on the way, Tim is married with 1 daughter, he just graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, David is not in any of these photos...guess I better go back and find the one from Thanksgiving, Stephen, Peter, Philip, Sarah & Jonathan still live at home. The computer I am on does not have a photo with our son David and his dad in it!Hope these are useful.  Joanna Rask

Doug and wife Joanna Rask:

HERE IS JOANNA'S BIO FROM CLASSMATES detailing her life with Doug and his amazing career!!!!
I have 8 children, 7 sons and 1 daughter, they range in age from 31 to 13 (Oct '08). My husband works for Nasa at Johnson Space Center here in Houston. I miss San Diego. My sons are very interesting and varied, and I have spent my time since graduation from college moving around the country in support of my husband & children. He graduated from San Diego State with a degree in Astronomy in 1971 and went into the Air Force as a Czech Linguist. Turns out we had lived next door to each other when I was in Kindergarten at Euclid School and his sister was my best friend! We've been married 34 years, celebrated February 2008. We've lived here in Houston for a long time now. As a Czech Linguist we lived on the border between Germany and Czechoslovakia, then he changed fields in the Air Force and was working at a radar site, then in Cheyenne Mountain, then My husband worked in Mission Control as a Flight Dynamics Officer or FDO pronounced Fido. He watched over the trajectory and changes in flight path and the effects of various manuevers. He really enjoyed that job. I learned a lot of science from him. We have been teaching our children since our oldest son was in first grade. He's now married and has a nearly 5 year old son, and nearly 2 year old and works for Lockheed as a design engineer working on the cockpit of the joint strike fighter. Our second son is now married December,2006 and now has a baby girl (July 2008). He's still in grad school. If you remember me much, you will remember that I did not like PE so was worried about turning my kids into klutzes, we got them involved in sports and then after nearly killing ourselves with doing everything we found something unique to be involved in, canoeing and the Texas Water Safari. Our second son spent 2 years on the US Canoe & Kayak team traveling to Denmark and South Africa to compete at the beginning of college. All our kids are still pretty involved in canoeing. We are involved in our church Trinity Fellowship in Friendswood, Texas, it's a great church. I'm involved in children's ministry there. My kids are involved in drama and music, mostly at home and in a drama class. My husband is now working with a new initiatives project as the space program looks at returning to the moon. He was working with some of the Mars projects and a sort of mission control center for certain types of Astronaut training, called the Expoc. I have lots of pleasant memories of school...Mrs. Stone in the 6th grade introducing us to Narnia as we all sat spellbound listening to her read the Magicians Nephew. I enjoy reading aloud to my own children too, introducing them to interesting literature, history, art & artists. I remember Mrs. Edgecomb and our debate and speech team & drama class with great fondness. I wish I could visit San Diego and see old classmates, but the timing has never worked out to gather old friends. Dale C. sent me her e mail address but I lost it in an address book crash. Thanks all you who have stopped by. I've tried to compose messages back to folks but this crazy program won't let me write an e mail message? So I have not written back to anyone who has stopped by to say Hi. Again, I would love to touch base with acquaintances of times past...but can't seem to make this thing work on classmates. I don't feel comfortable leaving my e mail address but I do have a Xanga site...my kids have them too. So if you want to message me on my xanga. world wide web dot xanga dot com then my xanga name is joolry. Now that I'm in Texas I can say...Ya'll take care.

*****************************THANKS, DOUG AND JOANNA!!!*********************************************



----- Original Message ----- From: "Brian Lange" <blange@statnetworks.net>
To: "Beverley" <bevs50@cox.net>
Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 11:35 PM
Subject: (no subject)

>   Thank you Beverly, I received all  of the e-mails with all the great photos. Since it's been a long, long time since I've seen any of your family, it took awhile to match old memories to new pictures. Since I  was the first of  my  clan to leave home, I wasn't around to see Judy's kids grow up, I remember Judy and family living with the Thomas's  and then up on SanChristobal Rd. and baby-sitting Heidi, also stuff like the Christian camp up on Mt. Palomar. Other memories are now a bit dim.
>  I've been looking around for any digital photos of my family to send to you but that may take me a while. I don't have a digital camera and normally do not allow anyone to take pictures of me. No particular reason for that. It's just my tradition.
>  Later I'll try to come up with a bio for the class of 67 web site but I'll give you a thumb-nail sketch here:
> After high school, I attended Grossmont college and worked for an electronics company until in 1970 I was drafted. There was a processing delay with the army that gave me just time enough to enlist in the air force. They put me in intelligence and sent me first to the Philippines and then to northern Thailand until the war ended. I then put in for cross training, spent a year at  the  Defense Language Institute  in  Monterey Ca. and  ended up as a Czechoslovak  linguist.  From there it was off to Bavaria in Germany first on a mountain top near the Czech border and then in the wonderful city of Augsburg. That's a city that nobody seems to know about. Its old (founded by the Romans in AD 32), It was where Rudolf Diesel did his thing (those M-A-N transit buses that are in every major U.S. city have motors that come from Augsburg. In fact, M-A-M stands for Machinewerk /Augsburg /Nurenburg. In Augsburg I worked at a multinational intelligence site (French, German, English American).  There, I met my future wife Peggy, who was a  Russian linguist in the army. Time marches on and the site at Augsburg closed down. I then ended up in Airborne Electronic Countermeasures (shooting electrons instead of bullets). We were stationed in Tucson Az. (with much time spent at Nellis and area 53 near Tonapah Nv.) Then back to Germany. In 1991 I retired from the Air Force and we moved to the Spokane area. My ties to this area were that I went through survival school at Fairchild AFB just outside of Spokane and that we knew of a good church in this area. Since there really isn't any counterpart to military intel work in the civilian world  at least not here (I suppose one could say there is no intelligence in Spokane). I got work here doing logging, had my famous accident with head injury, recovered and decided my future was not in logging.  A  retired police lieutenant who is a friend of ours from from church, decided to try something completely different and became a school bus driver.  Well, monkey see, monkey do,  being unemployed at the time , I also became a school bus driver.  I've now been with the Cheney School District for 15 years and have done about every job they have except being a teacher. For the past five years I've been a school bus mechanic and it's been fun. I'm an ASE certified Master Mechanic and even received a little recognition. The field of School Bus Mechanics is a competitive one. In Washington State competition I was rated the top school bus mechanic for 2007 and went on the take 3rd place in national competition held in Peoria Il.that year.
>  My wife Peggy Is a Web site programmer who, along with my son Ben is a Civil War reenactor. She runs  the web site for the Civil War reenactors of Washington state and publishes a news letter for the local chapter. Our daughter Jasmine is a student as Eastern Washington University and both kids spend most of their time messing around with computers.
>  By now I guess I've put you to sleep, sorry for being so long winded!


Bev reports this too:  Well just got a call from Carol Lux / Stanko she has moved to Calif, this is her new information.....907 Alpine Blvd  ALPINE CA 91901 PH 386-846-8133 CELL IS STILL GOOD.   Her e-mail    cstanko1@cox.net     She wants to come to the next reunion and says she has no plans to leave or move again. Well have a great week   Bev



Beautiful then (1967)...

and still beautiful today!

Christina is on classmates.com and here is the bio she posted there:

Since posting my 'life in a nutshell' 2 years ago, there have been a few additions to the family. Daughter, Tassy had a baby girl, Alanah Verna, now 9 months old. Her name sake is my mother - Verna - who feels very privliged to have a great grand daughter named after her. 4th daughter, Abra also had a baby girl, Cedar, now 7 months old. With 6 daughters one has to expect quite a few grandchildren, our total is now 10.
The Tribute show I've been working for the past nearly 3 years now is starting to slow down. Unfortunately, curiosities have been spent following the release of the Walking The Line film (one of the downfalls of a country with a small population, runs of any kind are more limited), it's time to come up with another show, we're working on that - the band and myself. After working pub work for years, we've all got a little 'spoiled' with the status of this show, we're not quite ready to go back to pub work.
My husband, Everett, had another movie produced, as yet not released, Long Weekend, a remake of his movie originally produced in 1976.
All the grandkids are 2 years older since my first posting, some coming into their teens. The grandsons old enough are all interested in one sport or another. Harper, 12, says he wants to be an AFL (australian football league)Football player when he grows up, so far lives and breaths the sport. Fox, now 8, is proving to be a talented musician, takes drums and piano lessons, his teachers tell his parents he's a natural.
Our youngest, Summer had a semester of Fim and TV at Uni in Phildelphia Sept - Dec 2008. I was lucky to get her home, she loves life in the US, especially the eastern side. She's in her final year of her degree and I'm steeling myself to the fact that soon as she can she'll be back there trying for a career in film.
I visited my family last July, from Calif to Idaho, then to Arizona to visit with the Leinens, my dear old 'mates' from High School. The 4 weeks flew with all the family visiting. Unfortunately my older brother, Pete, passed away at the end of 2008 from cancer. I felt blessed to have seen him last July, at that point the chemo was not being kind to him.
My sailing daughter and her sailing man made it back to Melbourne by Chistmas 2007. The boat is sold, Ivan is an official aussie resident, not such an easy thing to achive here anymore. In our immigration time Australia was not difficult to get a resident visa, now the process is very difficult unless you possess skills they need. Not disimilar to an alien gaining residence in the US.
I think that about brings to date my last 2 years. I do hope I can attend the next reunion marking 45 years. We'll all look better to each other by then, nature has it way of tricking the aging process, out vision gets fuzzier - so stay away from that lasik surgery. ;>) Oh, and I am enjoying catching up with some old and dear friends on the site.
Cheers, Christina
Life - 2 years ago
After marrying Everett DeRoche in 1968 we packed up and moved to Australia. We then set forth in populating the country and produced 5 girls of our own plus adopted Tassy, my niece when her mother and my sister, Sonia, sadly died in 1976 at the age of 25. My husband has pursued a career writng film and televison and I have devloped a career in music since 1992. Currently I am involved with a tribute act, the Johnny Cash & June Carter show, hot of the heels of the recent movie.
It's been a wonderful life over here, we couldn't have asked for more. The film and TV industry has been good to us over the years, naturally with it's ups and downs depending on projects and TV reality shows knocking out the drama content. There will be a film released soon, Storm Warning, written by my husband. Hope you get to see it in your area.
The music has been fun too. I have my step father, Forrest Woolery to thank for that. He was a dedictated hobbiest musician who just loved to play, encouraging me sing, 'Christina, get in here and sing this song!'. Sadly he is gone now, my only regret is that we couldn't have lived within yelling/singing distance.
Everett and I have all our girls living close to us. We're lucky, we also have 6 grandsons and 2 grandaughters ranging in age from 12 to 2. Any event held has a guaranteed guest list of 20.
We live in a bay beach suburb about an hour away from Melbourne, Victoria. It's a lovely area, beach a 5 minute drive away and about 1/2 hour drive to the surf beaches. Summer is wonderful here, the winter weather in Melbourne can be downright dreary but not so bad after we developed a love for the ski fields which are about 3 1/2 hours away. But after the summer tourist influx down on our peninsula disapates after our 6 week annual school break and the tourists go home leaving us some room on the roads and parking at the local shopping center, it gets even better.
Our girls have a diverse accumulation of careers, Monique, the eldest is an RN, her partner, Phil, of 22 years plays with a popular alternative band here, The Fauves. He also teaches primary school around the corner. They have 2 boys, Harper 10 and Zephyr 7. Tassy(our adopted daughter), is a Building Design Drafts-person. She married, divorced and is now with Matt, who owns a local bakery. He has 2 boys from a previous marriage, Lloyd 12 and Will 9 and they have Tia 2 together. Bree was married to Ronald John Neal, a quite amazing artist. Google his name, you'll see his work. They have a daughter, Isley 5 and a son, Flinders 3. Bree works from home as a copy editor and writes part time. Abra is married to Anton who has a local gardening and hedge clipping service. The hedges alone would keep him employed forever. Wineries are popular down here on the peninsula and there are many old properties with hedges 20 feet tall that go for miles and miles. They have Fox 6 and Abra works in child care. Torre packed up and moved to San Francisco for a year. She's a graphic designer and though SF would be a great place to enjoy the US culture. While there she met Ivan, an Argentine who'd lived in the US for 15 years. He had the goal of sailing his 32 foot yacht around the world solo but after meeting Torre he couldn't leave her behind so proposed to sail her home from LA. Recently she left the boat in Fiji and flew home, he's on his way to Bundaberg, Queensland, about 180 miles up north of Brisbane. He'll be here in a couple of weeks and plans to immigrate to Australia. They've had the most amazing adventure. That leaves the baby, Summer. She also travelled to the US and Europe for a year with her boyfriend, Joel, and is now at Uni doing a degree in Film and Television, following in her father's footsteps. So that's my famiy, Cheers to all, Christina DeRoche (Lorah)


Hi Beverly, I have emailed Rita's husband, Tony, and asked him to pass on the message to Rita that Classmates needs a bio. In the meantime, I'll fill you in on a little - although my time lines aren't accurate so this is just a summary overview. After High Shool Rita did a degree in social work. She lived a time in Europe with her then boyfriend, Ralph (can't remember his last name) as he was an intrepreter for the Russians. Sounds very serious doesn't it, don't know the nature of that job but being from a 'James Bond' generation, I like to think of it as such.
After that I believe they moved to Boulder Colo. Rita continued to work in social work, then that relationship finished and she took on her next venture and love by the horns, she started  a Montasauri Day Care Center from her home after some extensive renovations. Around this time she married an old friend of my mother, who at this time at this time was livng in Mazatlan, Oswaldo. That lasted a period but wasn't forever. 
Rita lived quite a long time in Colorado but eventually moved back to Calif, again doing social work and married Tony Church. They now live in Modesto - poor things in the summer time, but one of the most beautiful little towns I love to visit. Rita works for the VA Administration, Tony is semi retired. Rita never had children but instead focused on her career. She and Tony have a liitle 'person substitute', Bebe, a Bishon Freeze who doesn't know she's a dog.
To contact Rita yo could email her husband, Tony, at tonypopchurch@aol.com. He will pass on any messages. I can supply a street address if that helps; 202 W Moris Ave, Modesto, Ca 95354.
After living in Australia for the past 41 years I have forgotten so many people. I look through classmates.com with my High School annuals on my lap to cross referrance. I have remembered a few people and visa versa. t's lovely to be in touch, especially at this stage of life when children are grown and there is more time to spend on the old memories.
Recently Doris Bentley joined the site. I have not been in touch with her since 1969 when I came 'home' for a month with my youngest, 1 year old. I lived with Doris and her sister after High School and would desperately like to contact her. I did send an message through classmates but haeven' heard from her. Is there a way I can email her direct or is that information confidential?
Thanks for your involvement on this site - or is it the Monta Vista site I should be thanking you for, I very much appreciate the work it must take. If at all possible I will be attending the next reunion. I travel to the US ocassionally, not often enough these years. My dear mother is 85 and still makes a bi annual trip to visit us here. At her age I realise the importance of regular visits, I plan to make my own 'bi annual' trips on those alternate years.
Cheers, Christina


254-613-4344 (home)

1210 Forest Dr.
BELTON, TX 76513-2828


THIS FROM RICHARD AMBROSE regarding Ann Sandora's birthday:  Happy birthday, Annie. (cupping hands to mouth)  I said, Happy birthday, Annie!  It's fun knowing people your own age isn't it?  Whipper-snappers and codgers are separated only by a couple months.   I saw all the pictures from the 40th and you are still just the cutest little thing. Dot 'n I live in Brookings, Oregon. (about 15 miles North of the CA border on the coast.)  It's a town of 6000 people, with a harbor, small airport, and a downtown where the main street is highway 101.  We have a high rate of volunteerism here with the population being largely retired imports, educated, and successful.  There is the Civil Air Patrol (airplanes), Sheriff's Posse (shootin' irons 'n badges), Red Hats, Master Gardeners, Art Society, various High School Sports booster clubs, the Yacht Club (very un-pecking orderish), Elks, Rotary, etc., ad infinitum.       I joined the Coast Guard Auxilliary... (Brookings has a Coast Guard Station with a 40 person compliment and several rescue boats because Oregon's coast is rough and weather sometimes nasty) ...so I could hang out with colorful characters, keep learning, and pitch in.  It's interesting to me to suddenly notice that my best friends are in their 70s and 80s.   What is so wonderful about being 60 is finally having the patience and experience to communicate and have fun with people who are so damned smart and genuinely nice.  I don't think I could have done it even ten years ago... didn't have the maturity.  Today, some pals took me out and taught me how to safely take a distressed boat in tow in rough seas.  I was the kid, being far younger than the next older guy. Some say life begins at 40 but my experience tells me it's closer to 60.  Good wishes, Ann.  Warm breezes, and calm seas.Richard (Gray) Ambrose

(I then emailed Gray to see if I could post his comments here and this was his response:)

Sheila,Yes ma'am, by all means post away if you like. Brookings is known as, "the banana belt" of the Pacific Northwest.  It's always the warmest spot in the Oregon winter and has the nicest coastal weather in summer.  Has to do with the combination of coastal mountains and peninsular protection from northern winds.  Right now the pelicans have returned to their rookeries, the humpbacks are in close to feed, and bottom fishing is good.  The California poppies have bloomed and will retain their flowers until February and the wild rhododendrons are going crazy. The website's little slideshow is no where near an exaggeration.  http://www.brookingsor.com/ Gray A.



Hi Sheila,
I just wanted to bring you up to date on what is happening in my house.  I have had a right hip that has been increasingly problematic and slowed down my life for the last few years.  It was finally diagnosed last fall.  I could no longer ignore the pain and  on April 14th I received a cobalt chrome new hip guaranteed to set off all alarms in the airport. *-)What a blessing to be pain free in the hip joint. Modern medicine along with the technology  involved is amazing to me.  I am on the road to recovery and the discomfort is related to healing from surgery.  No matter --  I know a more active life awaits once I am all healed and I get beyond being so doggone tired.  I am like a baby in that I am a 2 nap a day woman. Motion comes in baby steps as well.   Patience is the word of the day.  
Spring is here in full color. It is a new day. I love it.  Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care.
Marlene Carlsoncarlsongt@aol.com


This From KURT ROBERTS (he filled out a feedback form)

E-Mail:         Justme3630@aol.com
Last Name:      Roberts
First Name:     Kurt
Street:         1385 Peach Ave
ZIP:            92021
City:           El Cajon
State:          California
Country:        U.S.A.
Phone:          619-456-9810
Fax:            619-456-9810
Contact:        via e-mail
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed seeing everyone on this Web site. It is Great!
I am sending in my current information.

and then a few days later, he wrote "where did all the years go i keep getting younger everyone else is getting old...whats up with that?"   HUH, don't know what pictures he was looking it....WE ALL LOOK GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bev Austin got this from MIKE MCCULLOUGH:

Hi Bev, So sorry to hear about the loss of two former wrestling teammates. I did not keep in touch with either, but last saw Glen at the Christmas Wrestling tournament held at Grossmont College in 1993 when I was still working there. I've attached a photo taken immediately after we won the CIF San Diego Championship. Glen is almost cut-off, but Dan is in full view between Glen and Ned. From left to right, Coach Clouder, Coach Fager, John Daley, Mike McCullough, Alex Fousek, Ned Fousek, Dan Blocker and Glen Takahashi. I hope you can share this on the webpage. Sincerely,
Mike McCullough, Class of 1967  

(Editor's note:  Mike resent the picture with this note)  Sheila:  Sorry about the picture size. I actually scanned that awhile ago on an old scanner that I no longer have, and remember now there were difficulties with it. I had not thought much about it until I heard the news two teammates passed. I just turned sixty and hearing obits is a little disturbing. Gosh I used to be so slim and in shape...LOL...

I re-scanned it using my current, and much better system. Also, Glen is no longer cut off on the right, plus, one of our fabulous five champs is Danny Kida on the far right next to Glen. Could you add his name to the bio even though he was (I think) class of 1968 or 69 (just a kid)?

Thank my mom who kept all of this stuff, and now my sister Pat (class of 1964) who found this and others.

I appreciate all of your effort.

Mike McCullough Class of 1967 

FROM BEVERLEY AUSTIN TUCK:  ART GENESTA (right) recently visited ROY (left) and BEV TUCK at their home in Henderson, NV



Dan Blocker, beloved classmate, has passed away.  Many of you have followed his valiant health battles since we started this website.  Here is the obituary:

From: Franzen-Davis Funeral Home <franzendavis@wispwest.net>
Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 3:51 PM
To: dancynv7@wildblue.net    (This is wife Cynthia's email address)     (CYNTHIA IS HAPPY TO HEAR FROM ANY OF US!)

Daniel E. Blocker
  Daniel E. Blocker, 59 of Livingston, Montana died Monday, February 23, 2009 at Livingston Memorial Hospital.  Cremation has taken place at Franzen-Davis Crematory and no services are planned at this time.

  Daniel was born October 12, 1949 to Erwin and Donna (Tiffany) Blocker in San Diego, California.  He attended schools in Spring Valley, California and graduated from Monte Vista High School in 1967.  Daniel entered the U.S. Navy on February 2, 1969 and served until he was honorably discharged on August 27, 1971.  On August 5, 1990 he married Cynthia Nunez in El Cajon, California.  Daniel retired as a Sea Captain in 1999 and moved to Livingston in 2000.  He was a member of the Church Universal and Triumphant and a former U.S. Navy Seal in the Viet Nam Era.

  Daniel is survived by his wife Cynthia Blocker of Livingston, two sons; Damon and Daniel Blocker and one daughter; Nicole Blocker.  Brothers; Fred and Michael and three sisters; Sharon, Patricia and Cynthia.  Also surviving is one granddaughter; Juliana Yacovak and numerous nieces and nephews.  He is preceded in death by his mother.

If desired memorial donations may be directed to Paralyzed Veterans of America, 7 Mill Brook Road, Wilton, New Hampshire 03086.

Cynthia and Dan Blocker.    You can read more about Dan and Cynthia on the "Contacts"page of this website

 CYNTHIA BLOCKER'S address is  78 LAKE DR. LIVINGSTON, MONTANA 59047-8911  PH 406 333-9677;  I know she would so appreciate hearing your memories of Dan.   She is NOT up to phone calls yet.    Here is a letter she sent to Bev and Roy Tuck.  It should answer our questions about his final days as well as tells us how to honor his memory.

From: Cynthia Blocker

Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 10:02 AM

Subject: My beloved husband and Sweetheart Danny Blocker passed away yesterday

Dearest friends of Danny Blocker, 

RE: Danny made his transition to heaven, Yesterday Danny Died, passed away  at 4:06 pm.  At 7:00 am he had had a seizure.  He had been having severe headaches from apparently some internal bleeding.  It affected his balance about a week ago and just kept getting worse.  We thought it was Thyroid imbalance as he was having severe high blood pressure and heart rate.  The CT scan yesterday after we put him on a assisted breathing apparatus showed the bleeding in the brain and a bursting of what may have been cancer tumor on the brain.  Who knows exactly what it was.  He was bleeding from the stomach dark red fluids and no eye movement in one eye.  His one sister up here made it to the hospital.  He would not probably survive any head surgery so we decided to take him off the breathing apparatus and give him to God.  It was all unexpected and sudden. 
He did not want a memorial service.  He agreed to have our Church give him a cremation and ascension service Friday at 10:30 AM.  to send him off to heaven.  It is special spiritual work we will do for Danny.  You can send white or yellow flowers there if you wish but it is not really a memorial service at all.  You can ask for a small flag to be placed in the arrangement.  Franzen-Davis Funeral Home and Crematorium,  at 118 N 3rd St. Livingston, MT. 59047.  406- 222-2531.  I will send out a packet of pictures and memories to his military friends soon.  My mother arrives Thursday to take care of me for a while. Please wait a week or two to call me as this has been very emotional for me to deal with right now. 

(Since we are hearing about this late Thursday evening, I don't know what all of you want to do about flowers but we can certainly send some to HER, if not to the service....let me know what you want to do.  Sheila)

TRIBUTES TO DAN FROM OUR CLASSMATES:    (Please email me your remarks and pictures of Dan and I will post them here)

From Marlene Allison:  "So sad. When you have an address for condolence cards, will you post on the web site? Dan was a happy and kind person as I remember from high school.  Can't write anymore right now; just sad.  Marelne" 

From Charlie Rosenberger:  "Another of our great wrestlers from MV and also the first and only kid I ever was in a fight with.  He beat the crap out of me on my way home from school!  Thanks for letting me know.  My best wishes go out to his family. Charlie" and then this when I marveled about Dan beating him up "That was part of Danny's routine in elementary school. He beat up someone every day. I was in first grade at the time. I laugh at it as I look back, but I ended up with a bloody nose and quite a shiner.  Charlie"  

From Bev Austin:  "Dan was determined to come to the next reunion to see everyone.  He loved the website to keep up with all of us." 


On New Year's Eve, Glen Takahashi passed away from heart failure.  Please remember Pam, Loni and Butch and the rest of their family during this difficult time.  Below are (1) the article in the San Diego Union-Tribune and (2) an email from Loni Takahashi giving details of the service which will be on January 11 in Spring Valley.  I have included Loni's contact information from her email in case you want to send condolences. (3) A moving tribute from Dr. Tom Backman; (4) tributes from classmates so far.     A Memorial Service is scheduled for Sunday, January 11th, at 2:00 p.m. at Faith Chapel, 9400 Campo Road, Spring Valley, CA 91977.

******In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that donations be made to the Glen Takahashi Memorial Scholarship Fund, Point Loma Community Bank, 1350 Rosecrans St., San Diego, CA 92106*******

UPDATE:  Classmates send us their thoughts after attending Glen's service: (See Memorial program below.  SPECIAL THANKS go to ANN SANDORA for taking the time to mail this to me)

From Pam Takahashi:   "I would welcome hearing from anyone and that knowing that everyone is thinking about me is quite a comfort.  My daughter Chelsea is 30 and Branden is 27.  They are the most wonderful children one could ever imagine having.  But that shouldn't be a surprise knowing who their father was.  He was such a caring, compassionate man and the children received his qualities...Pam"   4460 Panorama Dr
La Mesa, CA  91941

phone: 619-465-9194   email gtakahashi@cox.net

Monarch '67 Ned and Alex Fousek Spoke as did Pam

Chelsea, Glen, Pam and Branden Takahashi

1.  Charlie Rosenberger

Sheila, The memorial was well attended with probably over 1000 people.  Glen obviously touched a lot of people in his life. It was genuinely a tribute to him. I can't imagine that many people coming out for my memorial.  Alex, Ned and Pam each gave eulogies.  Pam was especially strong. There was a lot of laughter as well as reflection on his accomplishments as a wrestler, mentor, leader and a family man.  I ended up sitting with Debbie Newak and saw dozens of our classmates from Monte Vista including Johnny Miller, John Daley, Brent Finney, Tim McCombs, Ann Sandora, Ed and Elaine Silva,  Judy Potter, Jay Trottier, Mike Lennon, Danny Phillips just to name a few.  It's sad that it takes events like this to bring old aquaintences together. 
I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to see Glen ever so briefly before his passing.  Charlie

2.  Ann Sandora

Hi Sheila....     The service was wonderful and a great tribute to Glen's life.  The church was packed nearly to capacity.  The only available seating was on the top balcony.  I will be sending you the program this week.  The surprise to all of us was the fact that Pam went up to the podium and spoke so eloquently.  The shyness in her disappeared.  Their son Branden has an uncanny resemblance to his father.  The hair, the cheekbones...it was unbelievable.  We met him at the reception.       Saw many Monarchs there....John Daley, Sally Love, Angie VandeVenter, all the Fouseks (Alex and Ned both spoke at the podium), Laurie Larabee, Janet Wache, Johnny Miller, Brent Finney, Danny Phillips, Charlie Rosenberger, Elaine Silva and her brother Eddie...many more that I can't think of right now.  I rode over with Judy Potter, Linda Cole and Jan Shoolbread.     I will call you this week, okay?Love you,Annie

Ann Sandora sent the video clip below with this note:  "My sister sent this to me.  I'm still having a hard time believing he's gone.  Once he retired, he came into my office so many times just to chat.  I will miss him.  Annie"

See a touching video tribute from FOX NEWS in San Diego at   http://www.fox5sandiego.com/pages/video/?clipId=3305277&topVideoCatNo=undefined&c=&autoStart=true&activePane=info&LaunchPageAdTag=homepage&clipFormat=flv

*** I would like to do a tribute on this website so send any pictures, articles (old and new) ánd your own personal remembrances and I will be happy to post them here.***

Cathy Smith Haring just called.  She will pick anyone up in the Phoenix or Yuma Arizona area who wants to ride with her to the services for Glen.  Contact her at cathy_haring@hotmail.com  OR cathy_harring@raodrunner.com (yes, the second email address has two r's in harring and one r in the hotmail address)

  Got this from Loni, Glen's sister that says no flowers please so send your  donations directly to the fund address listed above:

Dear Sheila,Thank  you for your kind words. Pam is holding up well during the day as she is busy making preparations for his service, and friends stop by constantly offering help & support. Nights are extremely difficult. Her kids have been staying there and she has 2 dogs who help comfort her. Please do not send flowers, she does not want lots of flower arrangements, it will seem too much like a funeral & she does not want that. In today's paper is Glen's obituary instructing where to send donations, as well as service location, date and time. We think there may be over 1000 people he had sooo many friends in the wrestling community and in his personal life. Perhaps a card or a visit will make her feel good.Her phone # is 465-9194, her address is 4460 Panorama Dr. La Mesa. Thank you again for your thoughts 

Will and Loni Schuder
RE/MAX Associates
schuder@onebox.com - email
(619)670-5252 - voicemail
(619)579-1363 - Fax

http://legacy.com/SignOnSanDiego/Obituaries.asp?Page=Lifestory&PersonId=122263033  Just found the obituary and they have a scholarship fun set up for tributes.  blog about Glen on California Wrestler website

Below are (1) the article in the San Diego Union-Tribune and (2) an email from Loni Takahashi giving details of the service which will be on January 11 in Spring Valley.  I have included Loni's contact information from her email in case you want to send condolences. (3) A moving tribute from Dr. Tom Backman; (4) tributes from classmates so far. 

Joan Cresse supplied this photo from our Senior Annual

(1)  San Diego Union-Tribune Article

Wrestling Community Loses Icon         By Kevin Gemmell, staff writer                  2:00 a.m. January 1, 2009 

Glen Takahashi will be remembered as a wrestler, coach and teacher. Another word used by those who knew him is “legend.”

Takahashi, a high school wrestling coach in the region for 33 years, died of heart failure yesterday at Grossmont Hospital. He was 59.

“He was a giant,” said Valhalla co-head coach Mike Perez, who wrestled under Takahashi in 1983. “He was somebody who brought national attention to San Diego wrestling. He brought a whole different approach to wrestling with meditation and psychology. You didn't really see that 25 years ago.”

As a wrestler at Monte Vista, Takahashi was a two-time San Diego Section masters champion before graduating in 1967. He went on to wrestle at Brigham Young University, winning the Western Athletic Conference title in 1970.

Takahashi began his coaching career at University of San Diego High in 1972, moving to El Cajon Valley in 1975 before starting at Valhalla in 1983. It was there he turned the Norsemen into a power, winning the 1985 state championship and 12 section titles. In all, he coached 46 masters champions, 37 state medalists and four individual state champions. His career dual-meet record as a coach was 234-52-2.

In 1999, Takahashi was given a lifetime service award by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. In 2006, he was inducted into the California Wrestling Hall of Fame.

“A majority of the wrestlers would always go into his room at lunch time and just hang out with him, eating the huge inventory of Top Ramen he had,” Valhalla senior wrestler Ryan Schmehr said via e-mail. “There are so many things to say about Glen that I don't even know how to put them into words. You just couldn't find a more sincere and caring person.”

By midday yesterday, the news had spread to several online wrestling forums, where dozens of people posted condolences and memories.

Poway coach Wayne Branstetter recalled feeling frustrated after his team finished second at the state tournament in 1992. He received an encouraging letter from Takahashi – whose team finished second in 1991 – reminding Branstetter of all the great things the Titans coach had accomplished.

“To get that from him meant so much,” Branstetter said. “It was so classy. That's the kind of guy he was.”

Family members said Takahashi had suffered from heart problems for nearly 20 years. In the spring of 1991, he had an arrhythmia attack that hospitalized him for two weeks. But he continued to coach, inspiring hundreds of wrestlers along the way.

“The principles he taught will live on forever,” said La Costa Canyon coach Dwayne Buth, a wrestler at Mount Miguel who competed against Valhalla each year. “I learned a lot from him as a young coach and 10 years ago I'd pick his brain. That's how you get to be good at anything is to learn from the best. And he was one of the best. He was a great man.”

Tuesday marked the end of the 38th annual El Cajon Invitational. Takahashi, who taught physical education and career and family studies, was instrumental in making the tournament one of the region's premier wrestling events.

“My best memories of him are at that tournament,” said RBV coach Marty Nellis. “He loved announcing the finals. He turned that tournament into a monster.”

Said Valhalla's Perez: “It's a very sad day. But we're a close-knit community. We're all going to come together and remember him.”

Services are pending.

Kevin Gemmell: (619) 718-5304; kevin.gemmell@uniontrib.com

Joan Cresse supplied this picture from our fortieth reunion

(2)  From Loni Takahashi Schuder

The location is Faith Chapel at 9400 Campo Rd. Spring Valley, Ca.just about 1 mile from Mom's house. The date is Sunday Jan 11 @ 2pm. Pam & I met with the Women's minister, what a wonderful person, so accomodating, sincere and warm. They will allow Glen's own Chaplain friend to officiate, play Glen's favorite music, can house up to 1500 guests both in the sanctuary and in the reception hall!We hope you can come join us and help us celebrate Glen's rich and full life!
Loni & family

Will and Loni Schuder
RE/MAX Associates
schuder@onebox.com - email
(619)670-5252 - voicemail
(619)579-1363 - Fax

(3)  From Tom Backman

To all:
Glen was both a friend and a person I had admired my whole life. Glen always, even in the middle of competition, would emanate confidence an calm which was passed on to those around him. When I was on the wresting team sharing the same 95 LB weight class as Glen we competed each week for the varsity spot. My success was because each week I trained with him. When I would compete for the league and San Diego Section championships, I new that my opponent should have been Glen, but we were not allowed to compete against our own team members in the tournaments. I wish the best for the Takahashi family. He was a very fine person. 
Dr. Tom Backman

(4) from David Bilbrey:  Thank you Sheila, My prayers are with the family, Pam, And all.  He was always a good man.  God will take good care of him.   David. 

From Charlie Rosenberger:  Sheila, I am in shock as well.  By chance, I ran into Glen at the Kaiser clinic just a few days ago and we spoke for a short time.  He looked very weak at the time and we did speak of his health concerns and his heart.  I had no idea it would be the last time I saw Glen, but I am so glad that I had the chance to see him now.  Thanks for the e-mail.  I will attend the service. Charlie

From Doris Vila: Hi Sheila, What a shock about Glen! I tried to send this message to Pam, but it bounced back. If you have a better address for her, would you please send it on.
Wishing you and yours all the best in 2009,
Doris   (EDITOR'S NOTE:  I HAVE RESENT DORIS' email to PAM at the address I had.  If you have one other than the one on this website, please let me know)

Also got numerous emails from Ann Sandora and Bev Austin Tuck who also called me to make sure I knew.  Thank you to Art Genesta for all his emails and for alerting me to this sad news. 

From Joan Cresse:  I feel like I have known Glen forever. We were in 3rd grade together at Bancroft School. Glen never changed. He was always friendly and kind and genuine. I always loved seeing him at our class reunions. I was so happy to see Glen at our 40th reunion, as I had not seen for 15 years at that point. He was still the really good guy I had known since 3rd grade.

Joan Cresse

3rd grade class photo from Bancroft School. The class photo includes Glen Takahashi, Lynn Davis, Eva Green, Joan Cresse, Greg Becker, Jorgia Sass, Anne Marsh, Sandy Arant, Jeff Turner, Mary Ellen Munyon, Howard Kada, and Carole Apostle.   Joan Cresse supplied this...may be more Monarchs but I also don't know if you can see anyone in this photo or not!  (Joan resubmitted this picture but it isn't much better....sorry....I can't make it larger without causing it to blur)  You might try saving it to your computer and viewing it that way....



Cheri Sells Bray  in 1967

...and in 2007

Another MONARCH emerges from the shadows!!!  Below is a wonderful BIO as well as tribute to Glen from Cheri Sells Bray;  she also asks us to add Tim Philpott to our missing Monarchs page, which I will:

Hi Sheila,

Well, compared to the other stories I have read, my life has been quite ordinary, so I am not sure how much you want to include. You have my permisssion to edit as needed! LOL!

First off, I ran with Kathy Bishop (we are still close friends) and MIckie Norris (who we lost many years ago), We were kind of the nucleus and others floated in and out of our group. Rae, Nancy, Kristy, Gary, & Ray were some of them. (I am bad with last names!)  We were the "3 muskateers" starting with our freshmen year and right on through senior. Kathy and Mickie had a whole stream of male admirers through those years, but my heart belonged to only one, Tim Philpott. (some people knew him as Tim Wallace) Tims best friend was Ray Rogers. Ok, I did date bad boy (he really wasn't) Bill Schlick (spelled right? not sure.), during the summer of 66. He was a little older than I was and I think had dropped out of school by the summer of 66, when we were dating. Anyway right after senior year started up again, Tim and I got back together, and were married April 20th of 1967, during our senior year. Tim had a great job offer that was to start immediately upon graduation so we put the wedding before graduation so we would be ready to leave in June. His job was with a large company that sent us to new locations every 3 to 6 weeks all over the United States. Our first home was a brand new 30 foot travel trailer and we really got to see the country from coast to coast! Our first child was born in Nov. of 69, a girl, but unfortunatley we lost her at delivery. Our 2nd child was born in August of 1971. her name is Tonya. Tim and I seperated when Tonya was 5 and she and I moved to Texas. After a year in Texas, Tonya and I were headed back to San Diego, and made a stop in the White Mountains of Arizona to let her see her father who had moved there. I ended up staying in the White Mountains in PInetop, Az, where I met my next husband Al. In August of 78 we had a son, Billy. We owned our own business in Az, Then moved to Washington (state),where again we owned our own business. Then back to Texas and then 21 years ago we came back to Arizona. This time just a few miles north of Phoenix. Yes it is hot in the summer, but "it is a dry heat" LOL!! We bought a half acre of land, with a small cabin sized home on it with the intentions of building a nice big home, but you know the old saying "the best laid plans"! Al was hurt at work and forced to retire prematurely, long before we were anywhere near financially ready, so we made the best of our cute little cabin, and settled in. A couple of years on workmans comp insurance payments and then straight into medicare disability. You learn to live on very little, and the fact that we had paid cash for the house and land  was a Godsend! It has been a good life. Al raised my daughter as his own, which was a blessing since Tim decided when Tonya was 10 to disappear totally out of her life. She has never heard from him since. So if anyone out there hears where he is, please tell him he has a 16 yr old grandaughter that is trying desperately to find him. Tonya has 3 natural children, a boy 20, a girl 18 and another girl 16, plus 3 kids older than her own from her second husband. Due to the age difference, she bacame a grandmother at 29 by her husbands oldest daughter. She now has 4 grandsons. My second husband Al, also has a daughter by a previous marriage, Barbie, who has 4 kids, (3 boys and a girl) who also have 6 kids between them, and a new one on the way, making me the great grandmother, all in all, of 10, almost 11 great grandbabies!! I adore them all!! Al had his share of problems, first the injury, and then his diabetes effected his eyes, then kidneys. He spent the last year on kidney dialysis. He never complained! He was totally devoted to his family, from me, right down to his littlest great grandbaby. He always had a hug and big smile for everyone. He was not a quitter (he also had nine stents in his heart) and loved life and the Lord. He was diagnosed with cancer in mid September, and the Lord called him home on Nov. 6th of 2007. Tonya moved into the house next door with her family the day after Christmas of 07 to be close if I needed her. She is a teacher and deals a lot with autistic children. Billy, our son, who was diagnosed with high functioning autisum, will always be here with me. Billy builds custom built computers and does computer repairs and upgrades and runs his own small business (Brays' Tiger PC's) a home based and mobile service here in our small community. Autistics always have one area they excel in and the tech world is his. He doesn't drive, so I am his chaufer and his office manager.  I ran a small management company, managing a laundromat, a car wash and a self storage facility for 3 years prior to Al's passing, but after 6 months on my own, I decided to let it go. I am on the board for the new medical clinic that will be built in our small community soon. I am still self employed, as I still have Rainbows End Pugs. I breed and sell my beloved pug puppies. I have been doing that since I got my first pug in 1968. They are what has saved my sanity over this last year! Well, the pugs, plus my family and my faith in the Lord.My heart goes out to Glenns wife and family! It is not easy to suddenly lose a huge part of yourself, and that is what it feels like. Al and I had been married just 4 months short of 30 years. Our accomplishments are not earthshaking, but we have a wonderful family both by blood and by love, that we are extremely proud of.  Besides our natural children, we have several others that "adopted" us along the way. So in addition to what I have already named above, we have several "sons" and "daughters" giving me an additional 14 grandkids that know me as nothing other than their grandmother since they were born, or so young they don't know the difference. One of them just presented me with another "great grandson" this last year. Family, whether by blood or by love is all important to me. I love the holidays, as they all try to "come home"!I am a strong person, and I am adjusting and finding new things to fill my life. I always enjoyed art, and never persued it except to do holiday commercial window paintings, and to decorate my own yard at the holidays. I draw and paint characters for the yard. That is what I plan to do in my free time, again.I hope I haven't bored everyone to death, life has been fairly uneventful, but very fulfilling!A huge hello to all that remember me and God Bless to all the Monarchs of the class of 67!

Cheri Sells (now Bray) 

She adds :  I do have a web page, sort of. It is on a site called PUGSLIFE. It is both a business connection and a social network. This address will access my page directly if you wish to use it. http://www.pugslife.org/profile/CHERIBRAY
By the way Sheila, Tim is also missing from the missing monarch list! It would be Timothy Philpott. He started high school with his step dads last name of Wallace, but changed it back to his natural fathers name sometime during our sophmore year.I just realized something! You were living on lake Conroe during hurricane Ike. I was living just a few miles from lake Conroe during Hurricane Alicia! We were going to evacuate, but couldn't get over Conroe because the waves were over the bridge. The bridge in your picture! We couldn't go out the other direction because a smaller bridge and road were washed out, so we went back home. We owned 2 acres and had put a new single wide mobile on it, planning to build a house later. (The story of my life, LOL!) Turned out to be a land fraud scheme so we were going to move the trailer off. We had already taken all the tie downs off the mobile, and one end of the mobile was almost 5 feet off the ground on pillars, due to the slope of the property! It was a very scarry night! Billy would have been about 3 and Tonya 10.The marina in your pictures was there when we were, not so big, but there was a little resturant there. The land fraud thing was a so called sub division called Lake Pleasant, I think. Anyway, just thought it was interesting that we ended up being in almost the same location even if it were at different times. I loved the lake and we spent many many enjoyable times there.I am including a few pictures. Use any or none as you wish. as I said before, edit as you need to.

Cheri's champion Male, Dandy

Cheri's family, or part of it!  She is featured in the center in red


Out of our sadness comes good news:  a wonderfully newsy email from GREG BECKER with his own tribute to GLEN but also news about some of our other classmates including sad news about DAN GUNN.  Please read:

Dear Sheila
Thank you for your work on the website, covering the reunion and, now, our loss of Glen Takahashi.  These are the ups and downs of our maturing, our glads and sads.  This sadness is mitigated by the gratitude I feel for knowing Glen and his impact on others.  His was a wonderful life.

On missing Monarchs: Back in October 2008 my driver from the Jacksonville airport to my parent's house turned out to be Dan Gunn's younger brother, David.  It was a typical focusing-in based on the old "where are you from?" question.  Dan died in March 2007 in a tractor accident, while he was back in Georgia for his father's funeral.  Here is his funeral announcement: http://obit.mclanefuneralservices.com/obitdisplay.html?id=402998&clientid=mclanefuneralservices&listing=Found

On Jim Fowler, my last contact was three years ago when he was still in Las Vegas but planning to buy a homestead in Southpoint Ohio. No word since.

On Rita Lorah, my last contact was by phone over a decade ago when she was in Fresno or Madera opening a child daycare center.
On Christina Lorah (via Rita), she is the mother of many, married to a film and television producer in Australia.

As for me, I've been luxuriating on my vast country estate overlooking the Monterey Bay with my wife, Joanne Bauer, for the past 29 years.  Okay, so it's a groovy commune with two other couples, including Chris Baer and his wife Mary Bennett.  Since my last live appearance at a reunion I've run a community access television nonprofit (Open Channel Television and the Santa Cruz Video Festival) concurrent to doing maintenance at a golf course, started doing contract work with the US State Department's exchange programs, and co-founded AcrossWorld Communications, building networks in emerging markets.  At most gatherings I can claim to be both the most communist and capitalist person in the room.  Am I confused?  But of course!

I had hoped to come down for Glen's memorial, but I think the the wrestling world will fill the space.  Pam's suggestion on a living memorial in the Glen Takahashi scholarship fund is one I'm supporting and encouraging.

You may publish this or just use it as background information as you see fit.
Thanks again for your work,

Greg Becker

Gregory Becker
La Selva Beach, California 
tel: 831-763-9762
cel: 408-396-6264
mailto: greg@laselva.us

Greg Becker.  His caption of this picture reads "This is from a few years back, at the start of my unsuccessful campaign for ASB Doge.  I even had a doge hat (Cappello del Doge) made for me.  O my ducats!

We only take pictures on vacation, so they are very bad.  BTW, the iconography inside the palazzo to the left is remarkably similar to the US Capitol, with all the republican and political strokes.  It has the largest canvas painting in the world, just to hold the relevant politicians."



Date: Friday, January 23, 2009, 10:46 PM

Hi Sheila,I was enjoying the wonderful job you are doing with the Monte Vista class of 67 web site, when I noticed my email address is incorrect. It has the letter p left out! lol! Instead of cjbugs, it should read cjbpugs, as in my beloved pug dogs. The @msn.com is correct.You have done a great job with this site and as I get older, I find myself drawn more and more to the friends I remember from high school. I am still in touch with a few of my old group, but love to read about all the others. The pictures of the last reunion are awesome! I had really wanted to be there, but my husband (my second, we were married 4 months short of 30 years) became seriously ill in July and was diagnosed with a fast paced cancer in Sept. and passed away on Nov. 6th 2007. it was quite a shock and happened so fast. Hopefully there will be another reunion before I am too old to get there lol!!Thank you for making this site so entertaining!    Cheri Bray   (Sells)          

Cheri would LOVE to hear from you and please remember her in your prayers. 


@@@@@@@@@    Check it OUT:  www.montevista1966.org   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Of course, they are WAY OLDER than we are but see how many faces you recognize!!!  Karen Haustein shares the site for class of 1964...http://homepage.mac.com/jcastle1/mvhs64.htm.


The Takahashi and Blocker families still need our prayers.     Jan Shoolbread's father passed away and Jan was his caregiver.  It is a sad time for Jan.  Please pray for her if you are a prayer warrior!  If NOT, please keep her in your thoughts.


Please pray for your Monarch Family....


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!  As we are turning Sixty THREE  it is really appropriate to feature YOU here!

Snail mail:  Judy SCHARNOW    1442 Teton Drive,   El Cajon, CA 92021


   Ann is pictured here with George Thompson 

  Want this royal MONARCH treatment??????  Post your birthday HERE!!!

SEND PICS OF YOUR  BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THANKS TO DORIS VILA, BEV AUSTIN, JOAN CRESSE, ANNE MARSH and JUDY POTTER for adding their pictures to mine for this website....still room for yours!!!!

THANKS to Joan Cresse and Bev Austin for editing skills!  After a few hours on this site, my eyes start to cross so it is good to have a few extra pair to help me catch mistakes!

SUBMIT YOUR BIO TODAY!!!  Check on the other pages of this website to see your classmates summaries of the last 40 years of their exciting lives!    Please submit a family or pertinent photo and keep it under 200 words, please!

DO YOU HAVE PICTURES from the reunion of Sheila Belden, Mary Ellen Munyon, Laurie Brock or Bill Provancha?  We know they were there to celebrate with us but can't find any pictures of them yet!

DID YOU KNOW??????????????  CLASSMATES.com HAS OUR ANNUAL ON LINE NOW!!!!                                                        

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Judy Potter, Ann Sandora and Beverley Austin for all their hard work and dedication in tracking us all down and taking care of all the arrangements.  We will all never know all the hours these special gals invested so that we could have a good time.  Again, THANK YOU! AND SIGN UP FOR THE FORTY-FIFTH on SEPT 8, 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Below is a picture submitted by Bev Austin Tuck of one of our classmates....it is a 2004 photo of Lance Gross who has changed his name to Lance Fillet.  Bev writes "ON THE BACK of the picture HE PUT:   KATHYRN 8 YRS OLD, ME 56 YRS, KEANZIE 5 YRS  AND MY WIFE NOBLE 46 YRS OLD."  

SUGGESTED PICTURES:  past reunions, classmates who are no longer with us (and any information you might have about them), pictures of your family....people ARE interested!


Danny Ungricht and Michelle Stevenson

Lou Obertreis and Alex Fousek


Debbie Kaye,Linda Gilman and Vickie Gronnel


Pam Collins and Anne Marsh

Class Prez John Mustol and his lovely wife Betsy

Don Riggle and Alex Fousek

Cora S., Jan T.,
Laurie L., Robin Lee., Pam T., Kathy D., Cheryl M., Jan Mc., Anne M.

Lujean Peters and Linda Howard

Ray Rogers and Anne Marsh

Joan Cresse and Kathy Doyle

John Daley and Johnny Miller (Kathy Doyle in foreground)

Julie Vandehey

Joan Cresse at the entrance to the patio for the reunion...Mike Healey mans the desk

 Sandy Arant, Janet Wache, Debbie Duckrow

Art Genesta, Debbie Newak and Art's wife, June

Marlana Stedt, Pam Collins,  Angie Vendeventer, Doris Vila

MR. School Spirit Charlie Rosenberger....

THIS PICTURE SAYS IT ALL!!!!  WE were READY TO PARTY!!! well, until we got kicked out...

Angie Vandeventer, John M.  and Marlana Stedt

Alan Peterson,  Buddy Cutino,  Charlene Vollmer  and Eileen Kircher 

Les Pearson and Cherie Gronnel

Debbie Duckrow

Marlana Stedt, Doris vila and Angie Vandeventer

We were Lookin' Good!!!

Art Genesta and Doris Vila


Sally Campbell, John Daley, Jodie Cox, David Bilbey and standing  Stephanie Walker  (thanks, Stephanie, for clearing this up for us!!!!)

Anne Marsh and Linda Howard

Sally Campbell and her husband, Jim Ewing

Jim Allen (Sheila Gott) and Laurie Larabee

Jan McGuffin,Judy Maloney, Judy Potter,Ann Sandora

Cora Scharnhorst,  Joan Cresse

Bev Austin

Jodi Cox, Charlie Rosenberger


Elmer Winters, Joan Cresse's husband Scott Dixon and of course, Joan Cresse!

Judy Potter,Elaine Silva, Noni Wentzel

Joan, Sally,Gary,Jodi,Charlie

Mike Skerritt, Buddy Roth's wife Renee and Mike's wife Barbara

Doris Vila, Jim Allen (Sheila Gott), Laurie Larabee,Joan Cresse...

ALL the brains at ONE TABLE!!!

Bev,Jim Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Finney

Kathy (Doyle) and Alex Fousek

Anne Marsh and Jan Shoolbread

Tim McCombs, Joan Cresse, Glen Takahashi, Kathy Doyle, Anne Marsh

Charlie, Kathy,Alex

Sally, Doris and Sally's huband discuss the weather as waitress tells us we have to leave!!!!

Charlene Vollmer,Eileen Kircher

Cheryl Munchus, Robin Lee, Joan Cresse, Janet Wache, Debbie Duckrow and Sandy Arant

Janet Wache,Sally Love, Sheila Gott

Remember Mr. Daily's Chemistry  Class?  Mr. Burak's Biology? Mr. Falter's Physics?

Chuck Reid and wife Trixie

Sally, Doris,Jodi,David

Laurie and Joan

Jan McGuffin and Ray Rogers

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